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Don't Wrestle with Soil Repair

Adams Seawall Repair is the go-to contractor for repairing and restoring structures that have compromised soils and voids, including Seawalls, Foundations, and Elevator Pits. 

Let's Get Your Structure Back on Solid Ground

We get it – Florida can get a little strange and so can its soils!  We are no stranger to these soil oddities and so we focus on repairing them without excavation and with minimal interruption to your property. 

We'll bring your structure back to the future

Our solution permeates the loose soil, voids, and cracks behind and in your walls.  The specialized polyurethane system expands and hardens into a solid monolith of soil and polyurethane.  This is a long-lasting solution that will keep your seawall in tact for the long-term. 

We help solve a variety of soil problems

Soil erosion and settlement can lead to unstable soils that are no longer able to support your structure.  Avoid replacement or expensive repairs by using our no excavation soil stabilization process. Our polymer injection process reduces project times, interruption to your lives, and saves your bank account. 

Don't Get Rolled Over by the Competition

Hey – when your only tool is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. That’s the same with our competition!  Their technologies are their limitation and it will probably cost you much more than you need to spend.  We are focused on repairing the main problem of your structure, namely the loose soils that have formed due to drainage problems, erosion, or settlement. 

How our Soil Stabilization Process Works

Strategic Injection Pattern

Prior to injection, we perform a soil density test to identify and locate weak soil zones.

Florida Seawall Foam Repair using single component polyurethane

Inject a Specialized Polymer

We use a specialized geotechnical polymer that permeates voids and loose soils in a liquid form.

Chemical Reaction

The polymer interacts with moisture and begins to cure, sealing cracks, filling voids, and stabilizing the soil in a dense matrix of polymer and soil.

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