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The Importance of Timely Seawall Repair: Preventing Costly Damage

Florida Seawall Foam Repair using single component polyurethane

Seawalls are impressive infrastructural feats designed to protect coastlines. However, over time, these structures endure wear and tear due to their very nature. They are constantly exposed to the lapping of water, relentless sunlight, and natural disasters like floods and hurricanes. Consequently, these factors can gradually damage seawalls. While the challenges these structures face might […]

Protecting Bulkheads from Hurricanes

Protecting Bulkheads Hurricanes Polyurethane Grout Injection Foam Repair

To enhance the resilience of seawalls and protecting bulkheads from hurricanes, engineers are increasingly turning to polyurethane chemical grout injection

How Seawall Foam Repair Works

Seawall Foam Repair is a fast and cost-effective method for stabilizing and compacting loose soils, filling voids, and sealing cracks and separated joints. The process is an excellent solution for seawall restoration and avoiding replacement.